Welcome to All Hat, No Cattle

This is the inaugural edition of my new political blog.  I have enjoyed writing about the antics of Montana’s congressional delegation on my legal blog, but realized that a freewheeling discussion of Montana politics needed its own home.  So I will be importing my previous op-ed pieces here in the next few days and will be posting new content as the spirit moves.

What does it mean to be “all hat, no cattle?”  In the American west, the expression is a put-down that refers to a person who puts on a cowboy persona (complete with substantial Stetson) but in reality has little authenticity.  Other words for a person like this is “drug store cowboy”, the fellow who cannot actually ride a horse; he only rides a stool at the lunch counter and talks a big story.

Sounds a lot like a lot of people who encourage the current political climate, where “alternative facts” and “fake news” are used to obscure the reality of what is happening.  I’ll be calling it as I see it.

As for me, this blog title also is, to a certain degree, tongue in cheek.  I own a number of cowboy hats, but not a single cow!  I am a lifelong Montanan and several years of my childhood were spent on my parents’ wheat farm and cattle ranch near Big Sandy, Montana, where my family arrived prior to 1920.

So, I speak from my Montana heart and with a liberal perspective.  Enjoy!